The project

La Festa is a brand new film operation in Italy, created with the aim of bringing innovation and experimentation at multiple levels within one single  field, the audiovisual one, which is constantly and rapidly changing.
On a production level, La Festa stands out of the traditional production methods and schemes, focusing on the value of collaboration and sharing, as well as on the efficacy of involvement and networking.
La Festa overcomes the traditional distribution systems, towards a direct and immediate fruition of the artistic product, without censor filters and ensuring maximum accessibility by breaking down any territorial, economic and technological bonds.
La Festa aims to go beyond the concept of cinema itself, merging different artistic expressions - from music to photography to graphic design - into a single cross-media project.
The Movie will be released, subtitled in English, in 10 episodes, one  every week, in free streaming on the main international platforms. DailyMotion has already confirmed its intention to provide greater visibility to the movie on their national home pages in 20 countries around the world.

An important aggregator of video contents, in partnership with the operation, through its business on the web and social networks will ensure a vast catchment area that will allow us to immediately maximize the visibility of all published contents.

The launch and promotion phase will be carried out in collaboration with our press office, especially using social media, but without neglecting the traditional channels.

The first phase of "viral" circulation of some teaser clips made to create curiosity and discussion around the event, will be followed by the publication of the movie website and the project official presentation, with the parallel organization of a press conference in web streaming to directly involve users, as well as journalists.

Users will then be directly involved to "vote" and choose one of the characters (the victims in the movie), put up in a "reality elimination” mode, each one with a personal file and a short introductory clip, and to bet on their survival.
The movie website will also include the other artistic elements of the project. The movie soundtrack, composed by Italian Indie Rock bands, will be equally available for free streaming or download. The poster and portraits of some of the characters of the movie, created by photographer Marco Bolognesi, will be published on the web in an exhibition planned for the movie release.
The movie will also be available in full version on demand and on DVD, and ad hoc screenings will be set in some major cities.