Ten classmates have disappeared on the evening of 3rd March 2011. The boys were in the family home of one of them, Fabio, for a party. But the next morning, none of them was still there. Gone, vanished into thin air. A few months later their parents receive an anonymous DVD, which contains the shooting of what happened the night of the party.

They are not just shootings, but something similar to a real movie about that night. Edited, set to music, post-produced. The first part of the movie is directed by Matteo, a shy young dreamer, who wants to become a director. He was invited by Fabio only to film everything that happens during the party, in particular what concerns Elena, the girl whose heart Fabio hopes to win. But Elena has other projects, she invited an older person to the party, whom she met only the night before: Andrea.

Andrea comes in during the evening, and turns out to be a woman. She quickly manages to be liked by everyone, for her elegant and mysterious ways, but her presence at the Party has a different objective: she’s joined by three accomplices, a man, a woman, and the 'amateur video‘ one, a sort of body-machine person with a camera covering his face, which films everything that occurs.

Andrea and her accomplices, armed, lock the boys in the house, divide them into two teams and force them to participate in three games, challenging each other. The losing team is eliminated. The boys face what awaits them, while their stories get mixed with another story that took place years before in the woods near the villa: a young boy, son of a couple of Republicans, and a young partisan girl loved each other, but the night in which they were to run away together, the boy did not show up and the girl was brutally murdered.